Friday, February 13, 2009

Youths were trained to market themselves.

“No matter whatever it is, you have to market it unless it goes out of seen, whether it is most valuable thing, service, person, or organization. In this present context, people have become marketing creatures inevitably. Youth generation should be very keen on this situation. Their vigilant focus of world changes is a must. First of all youths should be ready to create a demand for themselves, in other words they should be developed themselves as marketable persons” stated by Mr. Jayantha Gunasekara addressing the youths attended to skills development program conducted at Mirigama Scout Camp.

Mr. Jayantha explained to participants the importance of application of marketing concept for businesses and personal life as well. This program helped immensely for participants to understand marketing concept, consumer behaviour, marketing mixture, and product positioning principles. This introduction session provided complimentary knowledge to youths to set their life plans and get groom up for future.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Let your dream flow towards your life plan

Sammera- His dream is to be in England drawing a good salary married to a woman having similar characters of his mother and having a 6 year old son.
Shani- Her dream to become an agriculture officer married to her boy friend and having two children age 2 and 1
You already read the dreams of the two participants of the Youth life skill Development Programme conducted by Dambadeniya Development Foundation with the assistance of AJW
We never stop dreaming until our death and start it with an unknown smile when we are infants on the laps of our mothers. Dream leads us to our destinations.
It was a very good discussion we had with 29 males and 25 Females in the age category between 19-23 about their dreams by 2020 and how they could look back through a reverse engineering process to plan their intervention path to make it a reality.
They were able to learn how to look back from 2020 in achieving their dream, the needs, interventions, sacrifices, compromises, diversifications, alternatives, assessment and fulfilling financial requirements during the period through a Fishbone planning process.
Interested parties could get more information and opportunities for participation in future life skill workshops from

Trade & Economy for youth

During ancient days trading started with exchange of goods and services (barter system) for human needs and with the introduction of Money it become more regularized. Money is the medium of exchange of trade. Now each activity we do in our everyday life, in way is a treading activity. Therefore “Trading” is a part of our life. It is very important to know the pros and cons of trading activities we face in everyday life.
Credit card is one of the mostly used trading media as and the impotency of knowing the advantages and using it with care to avoid additional payments and getting into liquidations are to be considered when using. One of the reasons for the world financial crises is the inability of paying the purchases done through credit cards. Proper understanding of “Trading” is therefore very important for our future success.
Youth participated in the life skill programmes commented on the know how they gained in advantages of usage of credit cards in an appropriate handling of it’s application.
This programme was conducted by Dambadeniya Development Foundation with the assistance of AJW to promote youth skills.

Monday, January 26, 2009

26th January, IT Day of Dambadeniya Development Foundation

IT Day of Dambadeniya Development Club was ceremonially opened today at Open Auditorium. This event was facilitated by many veterans in IT and Management fields. This has been organized by the IT Club of Dambadeniya to improve the awareness on Information Technology of youths and students in the area. They have scheduled to conduct many valuable workshops and lectures on importance of IT knowledge acquisition and self management.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

eYouth Forum launches its national networking process at JAVA 2009 Exihibition in Colombo.

The National Youth Forum establishing and networking process was launched today by the Damabadeniya Arunalu e-Youth Forum at JAVA 2009 exhibition premises at BMICH in Colombo. Through this they expect to make use ICT  for designing and developing a better future for youths in all parts of the country. Under this program they expect to empower all its member youth technically as well as with soft skill. Further, they  focus on youth’s livelihood and future employment also. According to them that kind of support programs enhance the opportunities of project sustainability and program  integration at any place of country disrespecting to ethical, language or social differences. 

“We want introduce and improve the awareness on eYouth Forum concept to other youths in the country. Further this will be the step stone of new relationships. We realized that most of the youth come to us are really interested on this and they are enthusiastic than we expected. That is good sign for us, we hope we would be able commence our preliminary activities in the nearest future and deliver the benefits all youths in the country.” Told one member participated to JAVA 2009 Exhibition from eYouth Forum from Dambadeniya. 

Mr. Sunil Rodrigo, Senior Manger Damabadeniya Development Foundation, also said ”It is a great opportunity for youth to step into a common platform where they could address their grievances, issues and ideas to be reckoned by relevant decision and policy makers in the country”

Interviewed by Wasantha Tennakoon 

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dambadeniya Community Radio- Winners of South Asia Manthan Award 2008

Dambadeniya community Radio is another success story of Dambadeniya Development Foundation where it address the isssue of raising the voice of voiceless in achieving a better tomorrow for their lifestyle. The most significant factor is this radio is being manged by the youth from Dambaeniya whom are bieng empowered to handle their own afairs.

Creation of social enterprises to improve the harmony between ethnic groups

In Srilankan society youth are not being recognized as a major stake holder and their voices continue to remain unheard in developing the social-economic levels in the society due to the ethical, cultural and religious differences and the current political & cultural situation prevails result that they do not interact with each other widening the gaps in misunderstanding, undervaluing and the suspicion that lead to conflicts and violence while marginalizing the Tamil and Muslim communities in most cases. Hence we want to change the present situation into a phase that all the youth belongs to different ethnic group would come together and be able to create a sustainable social enterprise value chain as a model that enhance their efforts to understand each other while make them recognize in the society and to become a rolling model that could be replicated in other conflict areas.

In this blog, the effort of crating a chain of ICT base social enterprises utilizing the resources in their environment and a Multi Ethnic Forum{MEF} as a common platform that could be used by youth from all the ethnic groups would be an ideal place in developing sustainable peace and harmony.

Recognition of youth as an important stake holder in rural development

Our cultural and ethical behavior patterns always place the youth in a corner or a cell consider them an ineffective force not to be reckon in the decision making process at all the levels.But the youth are being our future workforce to take our country towards the prosperity, it is necessary to build the capacities o f the youth force enabling them to take part in the decision making process in rural development as they are the most strongest force available and capable in delivering the goods to the communities. Hence it has become a nessacity to enhance the efforts of the youth to recognize and develop their skills to become an important stake holder in the national development programmes, especially in the role of a courier in rural development activities.

Role of ICT in conflict resolution and peace

It is well known that at every level, from the family unit up to the national level ethnic conflicts, the major bottle neck in exchanging the views and thoughts is the huge communication gap prevailed through out the past few decades. Though the grass root level participants play a major role, most of the times few decision makers are taking vital decisions creating these gaps wider as those are not being implementing at the grass root level. Hence usage of the new technology, ICT could play a major role bridging these communication gaps through participatory process and in addressing the common issues and improving the relationship among these groups caught in the middle of the conflicts.

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