Thursday, January 15, 2009

Recognition of youth as an important stake holder in rural development

Our cultural and ethical behavior patterns always place the youth in a corner or a cell consider them an ineffective force not to be reckon in the decision making process at all the levels.But the youth are being our future workforce to take our country towards the prosperity, it is necessary to build the capacities o f the youth force enabling them to take part in the decision making process in rural development as they are the most strongest force available and capable in delivering the goods to the communities. Hence it has become a nessacity to enhance the efforts of the youth to recognize and develop their skills to become an important stake holder in the national development programmes, especially in the role of a courier in rural development activities.

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  1. Yes indeed they vital factors in rural development and a force to recken but instead politicians are using them the way they want.Youth should realize and get together to obtain due recognition


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