Thursday, January 15, 2009

Creation of social enterprises to improve the harmony between ethnic groups

In Srilankan society youth are not being recognized as a major stake holder and their voices continue to remain unheard in developing the social-economic levels in the society due to the ethical, cultural and religious differences and the current political & cultural situation prevails result that they do not interact with each other widening the gaps in misunderstanding, undervaluing and the suspicion that lead to conflicts and violence while marginalizing the Tamil and Muslim communities in most cases. Hence we want to change the present situation into a phase that all the youth belongs to different ethnic group would come together and be able to create a sustainable social enterprise value chain as a model that enhance their efforts to understand each other while make them recognize in the society and to become a rolling model that could be replicated in other conflict areas.

In this blog, the effort of crating a chain of ICT base social enterprises utilizing the resources in their environment and a Multi Ethnic Forum{MEF} as a common platform that could be used by youth from all the ethnic groups would be an ideal place in developing sustainable peace and harmony.

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  1. Feasible and sustainable enterprises in between different communities make different strokes to achieve harmony


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