Friday, February 13, 2009

Youths were trained to market themselves.

“No matter whatever it is, you have to market it unless it goes out of seen, whether it is most valuable thing, service, person, or organization. In this present context, people have become marketing creatures inevitably. Youth generation should be very keen on this situation. Their vigilant focus of world changes is a must. First of all youths should be ready to create a demand for themselves, in other words they should be developed themselves as marketable persons” stated by Mr. Jayantha Gunasekara addressing the youths attended to skills development program conducted at Mirigama Scout Camp.

Mr. Jayantha explained to participants the importance of application of marketing concept for businesses and personal life as well. This program helped immensely for participants to understand marketing concept, consumer behaviour, marketing mixture, and product positioning principles. This introduction session provided complimentary knowledge to youths to set their life plans and get groom up for future.

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