Saturday, January 17, 2009

eYouth Forum launches its national networking process at JAVA 2009 Exihibition in Colombo.

The National Youth Forum establishing and networking process was launched today by the Damabadeniya Arunalu e-Youth Forum at JAVA 2009 exhibition premises at BMICH in Colombo. Through this they expect to make use ICT  for designing and developing a better future for youths in all parts of the country. Under this program they expect to empower all its member youth technically as well as with soft skill. Further, they  focus on youth’s livelihood and future employment also. According to them that kind of support programs enhance the opportunities of project sustainability and program  integration at any place of country disrespecting to ethical, language or social differences. 

“We want introduce and improve the awareness on eYouth Forum concept to other youths in the country. Further this will be the step stone of new relationships. We realized that most of the youth come to us are really interested on this and they are enthusiastic than we expected. That is good sign for us, we hope we would be able commence our preliminary activities in the nearest future and deliver the benefits all youths in the country.” Told one member participated to JAVA 2009 Exhibition from eYouth Forum from Dambadeniya. 

Mr. Sunil Rodrigo, Senior Manger Damabadeniya Development Foundation, also said ”It is a great opportunity for youth to step into a common platform where they could address their grievances, issues and ideas to be reckoned by relevant decision and policy makers in the country”

Interviewed by Wasantha Tennakoon 


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  2. Hi,
    ICT is a good mode of connecting people amoung the whole world. Via this ICT the whole world has become a family .so itz guid easy to build peace in this world using ICT.
    W.Iddamalgoda - colombo 10

  3. Hello I'm G.Himayanthi Devapura , from Polgasovita
    I think youth should participate with the rural developing programmes. As they participate to it they should give their opinions. They should practice leadership programmes.


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