Thursday, January 15, 2009

Role of ICT in conflict resolution and peace

It is well known that at every level, from the family unit up to the national level ethnic conflicts, the major bottle neck in exchanging the views and thoughts is the huge communication gap prevailed through out the past few decades. Though the grass root level participants play a major role, most of the times few decision makers are taking vital decisions creating these gaps wider as those are not being implementing at the grass root level. Hence usage of the new technology, ICT could play a major role bridging these communication gaps through participatory process and in addressing the common issues and improving the relationship among these groups caught in the middle of the conflicts.

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  1. Sharing cultural heritages is vital but the oppurtunity is less for youth.Agenda of most of the NGOS and CBOS in youth development is organizing cultural shows .But what we need is a place/forum and a platform common and reachable for everybody, low cost and easy to access place to establish our stage


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