Friday, February 13, 2009

Youths were trained to market themselves.

“No matter whatever it is, you have to market it unless it goes out of seen, whether it is most valuable thing, service, person, or organization. In this present context, people have become marketing creatures inevitably. Youth generation should be very keen on this situation. Their vigilant focus of world changes is a must. First of all youths should be ready to create a demand for themselves, in other words they should be developed themselves as marketable persons” stated by Mr. Jayantha Gunasekara addressing the youths attended to skills development program conducted at Mirigama Scout Camp.

Mr. Jayantha explained to participants the importance of application of marketing concept for businesses and personal life as well. This program helped immensely for participants to understand marketing concept, consumer behaviour, marketing mixture, and product positioning principles. This introduction session provided complimentary knowledge to youths to set their life plans and get groom up for future.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Let your dream flow towards your life plan

Sammera- His dream is to be in England drawing a good salary married to a woman having similar characters of his mother and having a 6 year old son.
Shani- Her dream to become an agriculture officer married to her boy friend and having two children age 2 and 1
You already read the dreams of the two participants of the Youth life skill Development Programme conducted by Dambadeniya Development Foundation with the assistance of AJW
We never stop dreaming until our death and start it with an unknown smile when we are infants on the laps of our mothers. Dream leads us to our destinations.
It was a very good discussion we had with 29 males and 25 Females in the age category between 19-23 about their dreams by 2020 and how they could look back through a reverse engineering process to plan their intervention path to make it a reality.
They were able to learn how to look back from 2020 in achieving their dream, the needs, interventions, sacrifices, compromises, diversifications, alternatives, assessment and fulfilling financial requirements during the period through a Fishbone planning process.
Interested parties could get more information and opportunities for participation in future life skill workshops from

Trade & Economy for youth

During ancient days trading started with exchange of goods and services (barter system) for human needs and with the introduction of Money it become more regularized. Money is the medium of exchange of trade. Now each activity we do in our everyday life, in way is a treading activity. Therefore “Trading” is a part of our life. It is very important to know the pros and cons of trading activities we face in everyday life.
Credit card is one of the mostly used trading media as and the impotency of knowing the advantages and using it with care to avoid additional payments and getting into liquidations are to be considered when using. One of the reasons for the world financial crises is the inability of paying the purchases done through credit cards. Proper understanding of “Trading” is therefore very important for our future success.
Youth participated in the life skill programmes commented on the know how they gained in advantages of usage of credit cards in an appropriate handling of it’s application.
This programme was conducted by Dambadeniya Development Foundation with the assistance of AJW to promote youth skills.

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